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Our Vision for Camden Accelerates into Reality


Today, we are on the cusp of one of the most exhilarating times in Camden’s history, fueled by inspired and courageous leadership, and driven by a renewed focus on improving the quality of life in our city.

Back in 2007, when we announced plans to develop an office park in the 13-acre Gateway District, many people didn’t believe it was possible. But we were determined to work with partners in the city, county, and state to revitalize the entire district, including our own facilities.

On December 9, that plan became reality with the groundbreaking for Subaru of America’s new North American headquarters, right next door to our own World Headquarters. It’s exciting proof of the success of the many institutions that are working to make a difference in our city.

We’re proud that Campbell is playing its part. Based in Camden since our founding in 1869, we’re the longest-standing corporate tenant and the only FORTUNE 500 company headquartered in the city.

During our nearly 150 years here, we have seen good times and tough times. Like so many, we have had a vision of what Camden can truly be, and we have helped improve our city in many ways.

We have invested more than $132 million to expand and improve our World Headquarters and the surrounding area. Abandoned buildings have given way to green fields awaiting new corporate tenants. Empty lots have given way to new cityscapes.

Now, when you look across Camden, you see progress. Progress in reforming how public safety is maintained. Progress in reimagining how children are educated. Progress in transforming Camden from a food desert to a city with plentiful access to more healthful foods. Progress in creating jobs, spurring economic development and increasing the tax base.

“We at Campbell believe in Camden, and we take great pride in what is happening in our city,” said Denise Morrison, Campbell’s President & CEO. “There’s tangible progress across the city, from the Gateway District to the Waterfront. With these and other developments, Camden is well on its way to becoming a new urban business center.”

We’re excited that Subaru is on the move, and that Camden is as well. As we roll out the welcome wagon, we congratulate and thank our new neighbor for joining us in playing a major role in Camden’s renaissance.


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