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The Swanson Cooking Academy Inspires



Last month, the Swanson® brand held an event at the Tasting Table in New York city to introduce new Swanson® Flavor Infused broths, as well as to serve up holiday inspiration with a few classic favorites.

Dale Clemiss, Vice President of Swanson, Prego, Pace and Specialty Brands at Campbell, led the event by taking the audience of food bloggers, writers & enthusiasts through a short overview of the Swanson® brand and the strides they are taking to bring innovation and creativity to broths and stocks.  This innovation brought forward three new Flavor Infused broths: Mexican Tortilla, Chinese Hot & Sour and Thai Ginger.


Campbell Chef Christopher Tanner prepared three soups from these Flavor Infused broths, as well as a mushroom molé dish using Swanson® Mexican Tortilla Flavor Infused broth.


After the demonstration, Chef Tanner got the attendees in the holiday spirit by demonstrating Swanson® Moist & Savory Stuffing and a quick and easy Turkey Gravy Recipe.


Chef Tanner then inspired the group with two nontraditional yet delicious Thanksgiving dishes: a pumpkin apple soup and Brussels sprouts with bacon and apples.

One takeaway was certain: Swanson® is so much more than broth. With the new Flavor Infused offerings, home cooks everywhere can be inspired by their favorite restaurant-style dishes and recreate them at home.

See more recipes for new Swanson® Flavor Infused broths on the Swanson Pinterest page and follow Swanson on Facebook for everyday cooking inspiration.


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