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The DRIVE to High Performance



Chief Human Resources Officer Bob Morrissey met with more than 50 human resources and management students at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA, on Monday, March 17.

George Lutzow, St. Joseph’s Visiting Instructor of Management, had heard about Campbell’s Drive Survey, which measures Campbell’s performance orientation, in addition to measuring the engagement of our employees.

The Drive Survey was created to spur Campbell’s evolution as a high-performance organization. Bob described what measurable elements drive high performance in an organization – things like marketplace orientation, product quality, communication, training and more. Those elements, in combination with the more traditional employee engagement measurements, went into the Drive Survey. Bob shared with the group the analogy that ‘performance excellence is like the engine of a car, while employee engagement is the fuel.’

Bob credited the company’s leaders with putting in the work needed to boost engagement. “We took it seriously,” he told the audience. “It took ten years, and it became a mandate for the company to drive employee engagement.”

“Some companies, they’ll tack on the obligatory HR strategy there at the bottom of their frameworks,” Bob said, smiling. “When I took this job, I asked Denise if she was serious about it. She said ‘absolutely.'”

“Measuring performance in addition to engagement is going from feeling good to being good,” Bob told the students. The Drive Survey is an important tool to measure employee engagement and performance and to find areas for opportunities for further growth.


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