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campbell cans on manufacturing line|Social distance message on the walls of our Maxton

The strength of our supply chain


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for food has increased. Our supply chain team is working to ensure the food supply remains strong, while we take measures to protect our front-line teams.

Increased demand

Over the past few weeks, our Meals & Beverages and Snacks divisions have seen a large volume of orders. For example, in Meals & Beverages, for the week ending March 21, more cases were ordered than the entire month of March 2019. Compared to a year ago, the weekly case order was up 366%. At our Snacks plant in Richmond, Utah, we produced more than 2 million pounds of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and cookies in the week ending March 21, 2020.

Ensuring food is readily available

With the increased demand, our supply chain teams quickly stepped up to adapt production schedules, increase manufacturing and adjust the variety of products produced. As a result, we’re able to produce more food, faster.

Protecting our front-line teams

The health and safety of our people has been and continues to be our top priority. Our Quality and Occupational Health & Safety teams have worked tirelessly to lead increased hygiene, sanitation and screening initiatives to keep our teams as safe as possible at all our facilities.

For our front-line teams, we have put strong measures in place to maintain the health environment of our plants and distribution centers, including:

Social distancing guidelines are shared on the walls of our plant in Maxton, North Carolina, where we make soups and broths.

Social distancing guidelines are shared on the walls of our plant in Maxton, North Carolina, where we make soups and broths.

Thinking outside the box to meet important needs

Our procurement team has undertaken a monumental effort to maintain our ingredients, packaging and other key supplies despite a number of challenges with availability and logistics.

For example, with a shortage of hand sanitizer, the Food & Drug Administration has provided a temporary dispensation to local distilleries to allow them to produce this much-needed product. Thinking outside the box, our Procurement and Quality teams reached out to a few distilleries in our communities to collaborate on solutions.

This quick-adaptation and collaboration with suppliers has been key to our supply chain team’s ability to meet the increased demand.

While the health and safety of our people remains our top priority, the mission can’t end there. We have an incredibly important role to play in this crisis and in our communities. We know retailers, consumers and communities across North America are depending on us for food and we’re committed to ensuring the food supply remains strong.

We’re hiring employees to meet this increased demand. Find open jobs in our manufacturing and distribution centers, and apply to join the Campbell team.


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