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'Tim Tam' 'Chocolicious' Bites: Chocolate or Biscuit?



Tim Tam® is the only chocolate biscuit that stirs emotion in Australians that’s beyond reason,” said Susanna Polycarpou, Arnott’s Brand Director. For those not familiar with the treat, Tim Tam is a brand of chocolate biscuit that is composed of layers of biscuit and chocolate cream filling, coated in chocolate. Tim Tam is well-loved and recognized in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Taking the fervent love of the traditional Tim Tam, the brand has expanded the line of biscuits into other flavors and varieties, and now has launched Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites. The brand is spreading awareness of this launch via a social media campaign that asks consumers whether they believe the new Chocolicious Bites are a chocolate candy or a biscuit. The Tim Tam Facebook page has a link for fans to vote, and as of this post, nearly 10,000 fans have voted with 66% of the votes leaning toward “chocolate.”

“With the launch of Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites, we continue to celebrate the passion of Tim Tam fans in everything we do, and we’re excited to reward the brand’s biggest fans by including them in this campaign. When we asked Tim Tam lovers what they thought of the new Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites, there was an immediate and passionate divide between chocolate or biscuit. The campaign harnesses this debate and hands it over to Australia to decide,” Susanna explains about their newest campaign for the Tim Tam Chocolicious Bites.

Australia’s Marketing Magazine featured the brand’s real-time social media campaign on October 29, 2013. Click here to access the magazine’s online coverage.


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