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What Kind of Kitchen Are You?



Did you know that Campbell has 5 test kitchens where we’re able to step into the mindset of a consumer as we develop recipes and products? Our Customer and Consumer Insights Department has researched the way Americans shop, cook, and eat, but not all cooks have the same wants, needs or skills in the kitchen.


That’s why we have 5 different consumer segments, and 5 corresponding test kitchens. Each consumer test kitchen is equipped with different appliances, foods and spices to truly reflect the kitchens of many Americans as they cook at home.  Whether you’re not much of a cook and don’t want to put much time into it, or if you never shy away from trying new flavors and gadgets, Campbell has a test kitchen for you.

We recently had WNYC’s James Beard Award-nominated podcast and blog, The Sporkful with Dan Pashman, go behind the scenes of Campbell’s consumer test kitchens to learn more about each consumer segment, how we track trends and how Campbell is working to continually meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Jane Freiman, Director of the Consumer Test Kitchens, took Dan through the following kitchens:



Uninvolved Quick Fixers: Consumers who find no joy in the process of cooking and use quick, easy-to-prepare dishes to get in and out of the kitchen.


Familiar Taste Pleasers: Traditional cooks with a regular rotation of recipes with familiar ingredients they know their family and children will love. While they’ll try new dishes, they have to have familiar flavors and ingredients.


Constrained Wishful Eaters: Incredibly busy and typically parents of young children, these consumers love trying new flavors and new foods, but typically do not have the time or skills to make the dishes they want.


Passionate Kitchen Master: Confident cooks in the kitchen who love cooking and creating. They don’t need to follow a recipe and are willing to try new things. They enjoy spending time cooking and creating delicious dishes.


Disciplined Health Manager: Concerned about their health, appliances and tools found in this consumer’s kitchen is all about helping them create dishes that fit a healthy lifestyle.

Michael Goodman, Director of Innovation Commercialization, also spoke with The Sporkful about how Campbell has evolved our products to reflect new trends and flavors that consumers have discovered in recent years. Tracking these trends and data from niche influencers to national restaurant menus have helped us develop the right products at the right times for consumers.

Listen to the podcast below for all of the details, check out The Sporkful for more delicious discussions, and take their poll asking what kitchen suits you.


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