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Why celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month is a moment that matters


By: Christian Ardito, Senior Marketing Manager and Lead of our Hispanic Network de Campbell

A colleague recently asked me how I celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month at home. As a Brazilian, my first thought was “that’s an interesting question,” then I smiled and had to say, “we don’t!” That’s because I bring my experiences and heritage with me to work every day.

So National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) is a great reminder to celebrate our culture and our contributions to our community and to the places we work. Hispanic influence has been on the rise in the United States for a long time, and we’re seeing a lot of that influence come alive from what we eat to how we work.

At Campbell, aside from my day job in marketing, I lead the Hispanic Network de Campbell employee group here at our world headquarters in Camden, N.J., and I wanted to toss my colleagues a few questions.

Importance of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

They told us it’s all about the culture – being proud, having a feeling of belonging and embracing the opportunity to share personal experiences, not only with co-workers, but also with the company to enhance our work.

Real food plays a role in Hispanic families and culture

A passion for food – especially Hispanic food! – was the common thread here. Whether they hail from Cuba, Venezuela, or Puerto Rico, all of the folks we interviewed cherish food as a relatable centerpiece of their lives and their multi-generational families.

Finding the way to Campbell

These leaders have all translated their passion for food into noteworthy careers spanning consumer insights, research and development and marketing.

And since food is the center of what we do at Campbell, we are celebrating the culinary aspects too. This month, our cafés are offering Hispanic-inspired dishes for lunch, and we spiced up the courtyard at our world headquarters with an authentic meal including lechón, alfajores argentinos, and vegetarian dishes, all to the energizing sounds of a live mariachi band!

While I wish I could have invited each of you to join us for the celebration in person, I hope you will follow @Campbellsoupco on Twitter and our company LinkedIn page.



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