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Campbell intern shares what she learned about nutrition professionals in the food industry 


Food and nutrition professionals help people balance their health goals, taste preferences, and lifestyle.  Each summer, our Nutrition and Health Sciences team invites a nutrition student to join the team and learn more about our food and the role of nutrition professionals in the industry.   

This summer’s nutrition intern, Glynis Meronyck, shares what she learned during her internship and how she made the most of her time at Campbell:  

What surprised you the most about the role of nutrition professionals at a food company? 

Before I became an intern at Campbell, I believed that nutrition professionals, like registered dietitians, rarely held positions outside of a hospital or other clinical settings. At Campbell, the Nutrition & Health Sciences team is made up of experts in school nutrition, nutrition research, communications, and regulations. The whole team works hard to promote nutrition inside and outside the company.  

How did you use your nutrition expertise in your internship role? 

In my first week, I put my public health and nutrition degrees to use by leading a Campbell Cares event. The nutrition team hosted a group of young adults for a session about healthy eating on a budget. I shared some foundational information on healthy eating and budgeting and gave the group a chance to practice planning out healthy meals on a budget. I loved thinking through the group’s challenges and giving them tools to meet their healthy eating goals.

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What was your favorite experience this summer? 

I had so many memorable moments during my internship, it’s hard to pick! A couple of my favorite experiences encouraged creativity and inspired us to think like our consumers. The first was visiting our test kitchens at our headquarters. Each of the test kitchens is set up to help recipe developers inspire people to cook at home using the equipment they already have on hand.  

I also enjoyed getting involved in innovation workshops at Campbell. In these collaborative sessions, everyone’s input was considered on products, packaging, flavors, and food trends. I loved sharing my passion for food and nutrition with the teams and learning from their experiences, too.  

What part of Campbell culture did you value the most? 

I valued the collaborative atmosphere at Campbell the most. I had opportunities to provide input at meetings and bring my own ideas to projects, which made me feel like my perspective was valued. I also loved everyone’s willingness to help me grow. People really took the time to answer questions and connect with me. From meeting with the leadership team to learning more about how our food is made, I learned something new every day. And I never ate lunch alone—the opportunity to connect was everywhere! 

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What do you wish all nutrition professionals knew about food companies? 

The passion and care that the Campbell teams put into making delicious and affordable foods for people. While I was an intern, I had the opportunity to learn more about the work that’s behind making food that people love.  I learned about creating safe packaging, how nutrition labels are reviewed to be consistent with government standards, and the criteria that products must meet to use certain claims. 

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What is your favorite Campbell product? 

My all-time favorite Campbell product is Goldfish Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar. Since one of my favorite foods is cheese, it only makes sense that I love this cheesy, flavor-packed snack. And while these are great by themselves, I really enjoy them alongside a sandwich or on top of some tomato soup—Campbell’s, of course! 

Internships give students a chance to connect with experts in their field and beyond. This experience encourages them to learn more about our food system and explore skill sets that are unique to nutrition professionals working in the food industry.

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