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Chef tips to make veggies taste great


Many special occasions include rich and indulgent dishes as part of the celebration—and we love those! However, vegetables dishes, like Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole and many others can also be a memorable part of the holidays. This season, we hope you enjoy your favorite dishes and add nutrition to your plate with these crave-worthy veggie tips. Our chefs share simple tips that celebrate and enhance the flavors and textures of veggies so they can shine this season and beyond.

Make Veggies Taste Great

Taste drives most food choices. While we know how healthy veggies are, they can be bland or bitter and often get overcooked. These chef-approved techniques can help balance the bitter taste and make your veggie dishes delicious.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Squash with Cranberries & Pine Nuts

Chef Tips

Texture Matters

Texture preferences play a big role in the likability of many foods, including vegetables. Rubbery green beans or soggy broccoli can be a real turn off while a beet that’s tender without being mushy can increase likability. These tips can help you get the right texture for different types of veggies.

Oven-Roasted Root Vegetables

Chef Tips

Make Vegetables Convenient

The holiday season comes with jam-packed schedules. You might have more time to carefully prepare vegetables for special celebrations, but the rest of the time people need convenience. Keeping other forms of vegetables on hand like frozen mixed veggies, canned corn, jarred Italian sauces, vegetable juice, and veggie-based soups can help people meet daily veggie goals. Make the most of your time with these tips for preparing and cooking veggies.

Chef Tips

Help veggies shine!

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