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Culinary techniques & tips to make veggies pop this holiday season


Culinary tips on enhancing flavor and texture can transform consumers’ experience and vegetable likability. #RDchat, #moreveggies, #plantedbased

Memories, traditions, and experiences often center around food. We think about this connection more often during the holiday season, but it can be true any time of the year. I vividly remember a grilled ear of corn I had, the vibrant yellow kernels burst with a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors. I sat on a curb and took in the people, local music, architecture and the aroma of neighboring food carts on a humid afternoon in Thailand. That was over a decade ago, yet whenever I eat a fresh ear of corn, I think about that experience.

Many special occasions tie back to rich dishes and desserts, but this can also be true for vegetables. Food and nutrition professionals can help transform consumers’ experience with vegetables with thoughtful preparation. I sat down with Campbell Executive Chef & Director, Maria Gamble, to discuss simple tips that celebrate and enhance the flavors and textures of veggies so that they can shine this season and beyond.

Make Veggies Craveable
Taste drives most food choices, and in all fairness, veggies can be bland or bitter and often overcooked. If you want your vegetables to compete for a share of your guests’ plates, they need to taste great and be cooked to perfection. How can we make their flavors pop? Chef Maria shared her go-to techniques.

Chef Tips

Texture Matters

Texture preferences play a big role in the likability of many foods, including vegetables. For example, rubbery green beans or soggy broccoli can be a real turn off while a beet that’s tender without being mushy can increase likability. Chef Maria shared some of her tips for getting the right texture for everyone at your gatherings this season.

Chef Tips

Make Vegetables Convenient

The holiday season comes with jam-packed schedules filled with parties, shopping, and long to-do lists. You might have more time to carefully prepare vegetables for special celebrations, but the rest of the time people crave convenience. Keeping other forms of vegetables on hand like frozen edamame, canned corn, jarred saucesvegetable juice, and soups can help people meet daily veggie goals. Maria also gave practical suggestions on how to prepare vegetables including batch cooking, easy ways to incorporate convenient forms into your favorite recipes and more.

Chef Tips

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Help Veggies Shine,



Kate Williams, RDN

Nutrition Consultant

Kate received her bachelor’s degree in dietetics from the University of Delaware and completed her dietetic internship at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. She has over ten years of experience in a variety of nutrition-related practice areas including clinical nutrition, weight management counseling, health and wellness and nutrition education. Kate has worked as a nutrition consultant to the Campbell Soup Company since 2005.  

Maria Gamble

Executive Chef & Director

Maria Gamble is Executive Chef & Director, Campbell’s Culinary. She is responsible for leading culinary across Campbell creating and sparking innovation through culinary excellence, trend inspiration & translation. Maria has over 20 years working for Campbell’s which includes leading the development of new products across brand portfolios within meals & beverages. Maria is certified by the Culinary Institute of America as Professional Chef Level III and a Certified Chef de Cuisine by the American Culinary Federation (ACF). Maria earned her BA in communications from Saint Mary’s College, and AS degree in culinary arts from the Restaurant School in Philadelphia, PA.

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