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Easy ways to eat more veggies and fruits


We love veggies and we know that you do, too. We also know that most people have a hard time eating enough of them. Even though people want to eat more, State of the Plate research from the Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) shows that people are eating their veggies less often.  

As a food company, we’re proud to work with health professionals and organizations like PBH that help people eat more veggies and fruit. PBH’s new research highlights how we can work together to help people go from wanting to eat more to actually doing it. A big part of developing a new, healthy habit is to make it enjoyable, easy to do, and simple to repeat. Read on for our tips on how to put PBH’s recommendations into practice.

Make a plan

People who have a plan about how to eat more are more likely to do it. Here are some simple ways to plan for more fruit and veggies:

Make it easy & enjoyable

Make fruits and veggies the easy and enjoyable choice with these tips:

Make it a habit

Starting a new routine can be hard. Pair fruit and vegetables with existing eating occasions and routines instead of trying something completely new. Read on for tips on how to make reaching for fruits and vegetables feel more automatic:

At Campbell, we continue to explore easy, delicious, and creative ways to make it easier to eat your fruits and veggies. We work with partners like PBH to promote fruits and vegetables, create products that make veggies convenient and delicious, and develop recipes and supporting resources that encourage people to eat more.

We hope these tips and resources inspire you to eat more, too!


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