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Woman packing leftovers into plastic containers on kitchen counter

How to build a better lunch


How can you make the most of your lunch? The American Heart Association and Aramark found that over 50% of people eating lunch during work hours struggle to make it healthy. In addition, one in three people report that their lunch is less healthy on a stressful day. Lunchtime is a chance to focus on your health, fuel your mind and body, and enjoy your favorite foods. Planning ahead with delicious, convenient, and nutritious lunches is the key to making the most of your lunch break. 

A chance for a few “me-moments” 

Lunch may be the only meal you eat alone or the only meal that you get to eat exactly what you want. People often eat breakfast in a rush or skip it entirely, and dinner options may be limited by others’ food preferences. Lunch is your chance to eat and enjoy the foods that taste good to you and fit your unique wellness goals.   

Make lunch easier 

The IFIC 2022 Food & Health Survey found that fewer Americans are planning out their food choices ahead of time. Planning and prepping lunches ahead of time can make it easier to meet dietary goals and save you money. Here’s how: 

Plan nutritious meal options and prep ahead 

Hidden Veggie Beef Chili 

Grab-and-go options 

Expect the unexpected. Everyone has days when your to-do list grows and leaves you scrambling. Take the stress out of your midday meal when you need something quick. Here’s how:  

Campbell’s Well Yes! POWER Soup Bowls 

We hope our tips help you build simple lunches that feed your body, mind, and spirit. Want more ideas that make lunch easy and less stressful? Check out our free, downloadable handout for extra tips and a shopping list that take the guesswork out of what to pack for lunch. 


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