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Our team’s mealtime hints, hacks, and pantry staples


We believe in the power of connecting over a meal. But we also know what it’s like to juggle busy schedules, picky eaters, different nutrition goals, and a food budget. Our Nutrition & Health Sciences Team shares their hints, hacks, recipes, and must-have ingredients they use in their homes. 

Make mornings run smoother 

Morning can be a busy, hectic time in households. Planning can help start the day or week with a sense of calm and save time. Here’s how: 

Turn leftovers into lunches 

You can make lunches from leftovers two easy ways. Double your recipe at dinner to make enough for lunch the next day. Or, if you have some leftovers but not enough for a meal, you can simply add a few ingredients to make it heartier. Here’s how: 

Pantry-staples make dinner easier 

Prego Italian Pasta Sauces, Campbell’s Cooking Sauces, and Condensed Cooking Soups are super versatile ingredients that help bring together any dish. Whether you prefer easy recipes or like to cook unscripted, they reduce prep time and make flavoring your dish simple.  

Simple and original dishes:  

You don’t always need to follow a recipe to put a flavorful dish on the table. Try using some simple cooking and prepping shortcuts to make meals flavorful and easy. 

Make mealtime easier with a well-stocked panty, simple recipes, and by experimenting with what you have on-hand.  


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