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Putting a twist on tradition with Thanksgiving star Green Bean Casserole


Green bean casserole, or GBC as some may call it, has been a Thanksgiving favorite from its inception and continues to be a go-to side-dish star. But did you know the original recipe was created by an employee at Campbell?

In 1955 Dorcas Reilly, then a Campbell’s Kitchen employee, wanted to create a quick and easy recipe around two things most Americans always had on hand: green beans and Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup.

It wasn’t long before Americans embraced it and a tradition was created! More than 30 million households per year make Green Bean Casserole and more than 1.5 million visit the recipe on Campbell’s Kitchen site during Thanksgiving.

Now in 2016, we took Dorcas’ original recipe and gave it a twist. Our Campbell’s Kitchen team created four versions to keep things interesting. When Dorcas saw our new recipes, she decided to try them herself.



This is Dorcas Reilly, the creator of Green Bean Casserole. She made the 4 variations of the recipe with her family.


Looks like the original Green Bean Casserole creator approves of our twists on her original recipe!

Give them a try for your own Thanksgiving.



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