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|Demonstrating recipes at FNCE|Giving out samples at FNCE

Real Food Solutions at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Exposition


By: Lindsay Watts, Senior Nutrition Communications Specialist

As a Campbell’s Senior Nutritionist, one of my favorite events every year is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Exposition (FNCE). Each year, we share our foods with the over 10,000 food and nutrition experts who attendmany of whom are dietitians.

Dietitians work with their clients to help them achieve their health goals. They provide a roadmap on how to eat well with realistic recommendations. Affordable and accessible packaged foods are an important part of these recommendations.  

Here at Campbell, we believe that real food should be accessible to all. Our foods can help people eat more whole grains and vegetables. They can also help families enjoy meals together more often and at an affordable price. At FNCE we had the opportunity to share how our foods can help people eat better and have more meals together — affordably and accessibly.

Demonstrating recipes at FNCE

First up, our team demonstrated a family friendly recipe: Easy Skillet Vegetable Lasagna featuring our Prego Farmers’ Market White Bean & Roasted Garlic Sauce. The recipe is high in protein and a delicious way to fit more plants in your diet!

Next up was Unstuffed Pepper Skillet, featuring Campbell’s Roasted Red Pepper Cooking Soup. This family friendly meal provides a veggie boost to a classic dinner. It’s one more way we try to make cooking family meals a little bit easier and more nutritious.

Giving out samples at FNCE

Throughout the conference we also gave out samples of products that can help you eat more whole grains and vegetables. Some of our favorites:

And the whole time, the people who helped make the products, our food scientists, regulatory specialists, and nutritionists staffed the booth to answer questions. The Campbell team at the event shared how gratifying it was to stand behind the products they worked so hard on and meet new fans.

Events like FNCE give us a chance to introduce new products, answer questions about what goes into our food, and collect feedback. We’re always proud to share our Real Food with you – made from ingredients grown and prepared with care. Our nutrition team works hard to help people live healthier lives. Even if you couldn’t make it to FNCE, you can sign up to get expert advice from our nutrition team all year long.


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