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Top food and nutrition trends: Plant-forward evolution, holistic health, and mocktails


What trends do our nutrition experts think will continue to take off in 2022? With increased concern about personal and planetary health, consumer trends focusing on well-being and sustainability lead the way. Here are three trends we are watching and ways you can explore them, too. 

Plant-forward evolution 

It only takes one walk through the grocery store to see that plants—in all forms—are a major trend driving innovation and sparking conversation. The plant-forward trend continues to evolve and is unique to each person. For those looking to decrease meat consumption, meat alternatives have become mainstream. Others crave a more back to basics eating approach that features nutrient-dense ingredients like chickpeas, mushrooms, and other plant foods.  

Diets rich in fruits, veggies, legumes, unsaturated fats, and whole grains are linked to multiple health benefits and recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Eating a plant-forward diet can be a healthier eating pattern if done thoughtfully.  As with any eating pattern, be mindful of the nutritional quality of the plant-based foods you choose.   

Regardless of the motivation to eat less meat, now is a great time to explore the wide variety of products and resources that celebrate plant-forward eating. Try delicious plant-forward recipes like our Italian Quinoa Bake and Cauliflower and Lentil Stew.  

Holistic health expands  

Personal health has expanded from a focus primarily on physical appearance to something much deeper. People are not just looking to shed a few pounds anymore, they want to be at their best mentally, physically, and emotionally. Many look to food and beverages to help them achieve their holistic health goals, whether that be to improve mental performance, build a healthy immune system, promote gut health, or all of these!  

The health benefits people want from their food vary greatly, but the science in this area is still emerging. If you want to take care of your health at home, sometimes going back to basics is best: 

Zero proof celebrations

Cocktails haven’t completely fallen out of favor, but more people are opting to cut back on how much and how often they drink. Increased rates of alcohol abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic hit a lot of news headlines in 2021. Now, a growing number of people may be rethinking their alcohol intake. From Dry January to longer term sobriety, zero proof gatherings and full-flavored mocktails are on the rise. 

Global recommendations around alcohol intake are clear. Avoiding alcohol is best for overall health, but if an adult chooses to drink, do so in moderation. For people who choose not to drink alcohol, mocktails can be a fun and delicious way to explore new flavors and fit more nutrients into your diet.  

Practice your (virgin) mixologist skills with recipes like this Green Goddess Mocktail for a better choice on Friday night.  

Green Goddess Mocktail

Following food and health trends is an important part of the work the Nutrition & Health Sciences team does at Campbell. Trends can inspire new products, recipes, and brand messaging, but they can also inspire people at home. Try out some of the tips we shared to find new and delicious ways to live well.   

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