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Trendspotting at FNCE: 5 Food Trends


By: Alexis Martin, Americas Communications Manager

If you work in food or nutrition, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard (or have been to) the annual Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE). FNCE brings together more than 10,000 registered dietitians and nutritionists from across the globe to learn about new food trends and the latest nutrition science research.




Our team showcased our latest real food initiatives and spent time on the exhibition floor exploring. Here are some highlights:


CUSTOMIZATION: The millennial desire to customize is reaching across industries. This trend includes customizable foods and drinks, and brands are offering meal and snack solutions that seek to give consumers what they want. Our V8 and Pepperidge Farm brands embraced this desire and offered customizable foods and drinks at the expo to highlight how center-store products can tap into this consumer interest. Goldfish, for example, featured a make-your-own trail mix bar and V8 sponsored a (virgin) Bloody Mary bar.



SAVORY VS. SWEET: Move over sweet, some food brands are hedging their bets that savory flavors will emerge as the new king. Popular snack and granola bar brands are embracing new, savory flavor combinations like sundried tomato and basil, black olives and walnuts, and kale and pumpkin seeds.




PERSONALIZED NUTRITION: The one-size-fits-all approach to diet and health is giving way to consumers who want something personalized for them. The exhibition hall featured free genetic testing to determine individual nutrition needs, personalized diet and menu planning systems, and products appealing to everyone from plant-based eaters to those managing digestive health issues.


GUT HEALTH: Probiotics, the good bacteria that keep your GI tract in check, were all the rage with vendors who featured fermented foods and flavors, like sauerkraut or soy, along with prebiotic and probiotic products. Several education sessions were held on probiotic research focused on feeding the good bacteria in the gut through diet.


ALTERNATIVE PASTAS: High-protein, high-fiber, gluten-free pastas made from unexpected ingredients (like chickpeas, lentils, edamame and black beans) were prevalent. The trend not only supports gluten-free diets, but also boasts a fraction of the calories of traditional pasta.




As health and well-being trends evolve, we are always focused on how our foods and drinks can fit consumers’ lives, and visit Campbell Nutrition and Wellness to learn more.




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