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Campbell Announces Major Sodium Reduction Plans for Top-Selling Soups

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CAMDEN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 22, 2006–Campbell Soup
Company (NYSE:CPB):

  Chicken Noodle, Tomato, Cream of Mushroom Soups to be available in
                       25% Less Sodium Versions

       Campbell's "Kids" soups Reformulated with 25% Less Sodium

   Campbell's Chunky Soups Introduces Four Healthy Request varieties
                      with up to 45% Less Sodium

Campbell Soup Company (NYSE:CPB) today announced a major
initiative to reduce sodium in its soups and beverages. The company
will offer new versions of its top-selling soups and reformulate some
of its existing soups and beverages with less sodium. The reduction
efforts will utilize a unique, all-natural sea salt to help lower
sodium by at least 25 percent, directly impacting one-third of
Campbell’s soup volume in the United States. Campbell is the world’s
largest soup company, with soup accounting for nearly half of the
company’s annual $7.5 billion in sales.

The company’s sodium reduction initiatives include:

--  Introducing additional versions of its three top-selling soups in
    the famous red and white can - "Campbell's" Chicken Noodle,
    "Campbell's" Tomato and "Campbell's" Cream of Mushroom soups --
    each with 25 percent less sodium

--  Reformulating 12 "Campbell's" condensed soup varieties having
    special kid-appeal with 25 percent less sodium, including
    "Campbell's" Double Noodle and "Campbell's" Chicken and Stars

--  Introducing four "Campbell's Chunky Healthy Request"
    ready-to-serve soup varieties with up to 45 percent less sodium
    than regular varieties

--  Reformulating the "Campbell's Healthy Request" line of reduced
    sodium soups, which contain, on average, 45 percent less sodium
    than regular varieties, by incorporating all-natural lower sodium
    sea salt. There will also be new additions to the current line of
    nine soups including:

    --  Two new "Campbell's Healthy Request" ready-to-serve soups in
        microwavable bowls

    --  One new condensed "Campbell's Healthy Request" variety

In keeping with the criteria for “healthy” foods, all “Campbell’s
Healthy Request” soups contain 480 milligrams of sodium or less and 3
grams of fat or less per serving.

All new soup products will be available in retail stores in

The sodium reduction was achieved by incorporating a unique,
all-natural sea salt, which is lower in sodium than regular sea salt,
into soup formulations. The key to its use in soups is in
sophisticated blending and flavoring techniques, essential to the
development of great tasting products with reduced sodium content.

“Wellness is a critical component of our corporate strategy and
our portfolio is well-positioned to meet consumer demand for
convenient, high quality, nutritious food,” said Douglas R. Conant,
Campbell’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “As part of our
overall wellness commitment, over the past five years we have
significantly stepped up Campbell’s long-standing efforts to reduce
sodium levels in our soups and beverages. The initiatives we’ve
announced today represent a breakthrough in our sodium reduction work
and our commitment to offering consumers more choices without asking
them to compromise on great taste. Our portfolio already includes a
number of nutritious options, whether people are watching calories,
fat, or want more vegetables in their diet. Offering more soups at
lower sodium levels enhances soup’s appeal to consumers and represents
an important growth opportunity for Campbell.”

“We also see potential for additional significant sodium reduction
in the future, using all-natural, lower sodium sea salt and other
tools under development. We’re excited about the progress we’re making
in our development efforts, although we recognize there is more work
to do to reach our total reduction goals,” Conant continued. “We have
revitalized our U.S. soup business through our investment in new
products such as ‘Campbell’s Soup at Hand’ and convenient new
packaging, such as microwavable bowls; enhanced the quality of our
condensed and ready-to-serve soups and increased the effectiveness of
our marketing programs. This sodium reduction initiative adds another
important element to our comprehensive revitalization work.” Conant
discussed Campbell’s sodium reduction plans with analysts and
investors at the annual meeting of the Consumer Analysts Group of New
York (CAGNY) in Scottsdale, Arizona.

V8 100% Vegetable Juice Reformulation

The company also announced plans to reduce sodium in “V8” 100%
vegetable juice, the leading vegetable juice in the United States,
early in the 2007 fiscal year from the current 590 milligrams of
sodium per 8-ounce serving to 480, the level at which foods can
qualify to be labeled “healthy.” Campbell leveraged its ongoing
research into flavor blending options to reformulate the products. The
majority of “V8” multi-serve varieties, including original “V8,” will
be eligible to be advertised as “healthy” foods. Low Sodium “V8” will
continue to be offered at 140 milligrams of sodium per 8-ounce

V8 juices are already known for their nutrition profile. One
8-ounce serving provides two full servings of vegetables, a good
source of potassium, two grams of fiber, and antioxidants like
lycopene and vitamins A and C.

Forward Looking Statements

This release contains “forward-looking statements” which reflect
the company’s expected future business and financial performance,
including statements about future plans, strategies, opportunities and
objectives of management; statements concerning expected development,
market performance or consumption trends of new or reformulated
products; statements concerning projections of sales, earnings or
volume growth; and statements regarding assumptions underlying any of
the foregoing. Forward-looking statements by their nature address
matters that are uncertain and are subject to risks. These
uncertainties may cause our actual results to vary materially from
those expressed or implied in our forward-looking statements. Please
refer to the company’s most recent Form 10-K and subsequent filings
for a further discussion of risks. The company disclaims any
obligation to update its forward-looking statements.

About Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company is a global manufacturer and marketer of
high quality simple meals, including soup, baked snacks,
vegetable-based beverages, and premium chocolate products, with annual
revenues in excess of $7.5 billion.

Founded in 1869, the company has a portfolio of more than 20
market-leading brands, including “Campbell’s,” “Pepperidge Farm,”
“Arnott’s,” “V8,” and “Godiva.” For more information on the company,
visit Campbell’s website at

For more information about Campbell’s current reduced sodium
options, visit Campbell’s Center for Nutrition & Wellness (CCNW) at Campbell’s Center for Nutrition & Wellness
(CCNW) is a global, cross-functional center comprised of professionals
in research, nutrition science, food and agricultural science,
technology, culinary arts and communications. Advised by world-class
scientific researchers renowned in their fields of study, the Center
serves as a nutrition communications resource for outreach to
consumers, retailers, the health professional community and the media.
The mission of the Center is to provide reliable, science-based
information about nutrition and wellness and the role of Campbell
brands in healthful lifestyles. Campbell’s Center for Nutrition &
Wellness: Taste & Live the Best of Life.(TM)


    CONTACT: Campbell Soup Company
             Juli Mandel Sloves, 856-342-3717
             [email protected]

    SOURCE: Campbell Soup Company
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