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Campbell Announces Major Step Forward in Sodium Reduction; Adds 48 Reformulated Soups to Its Lower Sodium Portfolio

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    Company Launches 36 Ready-to-Serve Soups and 12 Condensed Kids
            Soups with 480 Milligrams of Sodium Per Serving

CAMDEN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 18, 2008–Campbell Soup
Company (NYSE:CPB) today announced a major new step in its innovative
sodium reduction efforts by adding 36 reformulated ready-to-serve
varieties under the name “Campbell’s Select Harvest” soups to its
industry-leading portfolio of lower sodium products and reformulating
its 12 condensed kids favorite soups to meet the government criteria
for “healthy” foods.

Campbell will reduce the sodium in these 48 soups to the
“heart-healthy” level of 480 milligrams of sodium per serving. This
sodium reduction effort marks the next phase in the company’s ongoing
commitment to reduce sodium across its portfolio and builds upon
previous new and reformulated lower sodium products introduced over
the last two years.

With the introduction of these new soups in Fall 2008, Campbell’s
portfolio of low and reduced sodium soups will include more than 85
varieties across the condensed, ready-to-serve and microwavable
platforms. Currently, Campbell’s low and reduced sodium soups and
broths in total are now a $650 million business at retail, up from
$100 million in 2003.

Douglas R. Conant, Campbell’s President and Chief Executive
Officer, said, “This is another significant step in our leadership in
sodium reduction. Our lower sodium products continue to outperform
expectations, and we are bringing former consumers back to our soup
franchise. Campbell’s sodium reduction innovations have led the
industry and also have struck a chord with consumers who continue to
demand great-tasting simple meals that are both convenient and
nourishing. Clearly, we are building on our success with lower sodium

Conant continued, “Across our portfolio, developing lower sodium
products without sacrificing taste is our top strategic priority. Our
announcement today builds upon our breakthrough sodium reduction
efforts over the past two years, but we will not rest here. Our
journey to lower sodium across Campbell’s portfolio will continue with
the goal of making soup the ultimate healthy simple meal.”

Today’s announcement reflects significant advances in Campbell’s
sodium reduction efforts. Building upon the use of natural sea salt,
Campbell’s sodium reduction technology leverages proprietary natural
flavor enhancers and a range of sophisticated blending techniques to
create great-tasting soups.

This latest sodium reduction innovation will impact the entire
line of “Campbell’s Select” ready-to-serve soups, which will be
restaged under the name “Campbell’s Select Harvest” in the Fall. The
“Campbell’s Select Harvest” line will include new “light” soups, which
will be at the “heart-healthy” sodium level, and will also feature
high-quality ingredients, proprietary stocks and no artificial

Campbell will also reformulate 12 of its condensed kids favorite
varieties, including “Campbell’s” Chicken & Stars soup and
“Campbell’s” Noodle O’s soup. The kids soups will now meet the
government criteria for “healthy” foods–controlled for fat, saturated
fat, cholesterol and sodium, and providing a positive nutrient source.
“Campbell’s” kids soups were initially reformulated during the
company’s first sodium reduction phase in 2006 when the sodium content
was reduced on average 25 percent. The current reformulation
represents an additional 20 percent average sodium reduction to these
kids soups.

During the last two years of the company’s sodium reduction
initiatives, Campbell has taken the following steps:

    --  Campbell introduced 32 new or reformulated soups made with
        lower sodium natural sea salt in 2006. These included a line
        of 25% less sodium versions of "Campbell's" top-selling
        Chicken Noodle, Tomato, and Cream of Mushroom soups;
        ready-to-serve "Chunky" and "Select Healthy Request" soups
        with up to 45% less sodium than their original counterparts,
        and 25% sodium reduction in the line of kids favorite soups.

    --  In 2007, Campbell launched 14 new or reformulated lower sodium
        soups, including ready-to-serve "Chunky" and "Select Healthy
        Request" soups with up to 50% less sodium than original
        varieties, and options in microwavable bowls; 25% sodium
        reduction in three "Campbell's" cooking soups and two new
        "Campbell's Soup at Hand" varieties with 25% less sodium.

    --  Campbell also reduced the sodium in "V8" 100% vegetable juice
        by 19% to the "heart-healthy" level; introduced two "Prego
        Heart Smart" pasta sauces with 25% less sodium than original
        varieties, and reduced the sodium by 25% in original and
        meatball varieties of "Campbell's SpaghettiOs" pasta.

Conant will provide additional details on Campbell’s wellness
strategy and portfolio of lower sodium products during an address to
investors at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) conference
on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 10:45 a.m. ET.

About Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company is a global manufacturer and marketer of
high quality foods and simple meals, including soup, baked snacks, and
vegetable-based beverages. Founded in 1869, the company has a
portfolio of market-leading brands, including “Campbell’s,”
“Pepperidge Farm,” “Arnott’s,” and “V8.” For more information on the
company, visit Campbell’s website at

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objectives of management; statements concerning expected development,
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uncertainties may cause our actual results to vary materially from
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refer to the company’s most recent Form 10-K and subsequent filings
for a further discussion of risks. The company disclaims any
obligation to update its forward-looking statements.


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