Happy 80th Birthday Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup

The Classic American Favorite, Originally Launched as “Noodle with
Chicken” Soup
, Celebrates Eight Decades of Feeding and Nurturing

CAMDEN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 16, 2014–
As America celebrates the start of 2014, Campbell
Soup Company
(NYSE:CPB) celebrates the 80th birthday of
its iconic Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle soup. Originally
launched as Campbell’s Condensed “Noodle with Chicken” soup, it
was the first soup of its kind and an important innovation for the food
industry. For nearly a century it has been a staple in American kitchens
and remains one of the top 10 shelf-stable grocery items purchased in
the US. Americans purchased more than 200 million cans of Campbell’s
Chicken Noodle soup in 2013.

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup was created in 1934 by the
company’s head chef Ernest Lacoutiere, alongside several other
varieties, as a tasty and affordable option. When first introduced the
soup sold for between 10 and 12 cents per can and quickly found its way
to cupboards and pantries from coast to coast.

“To this day, each can of Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle soup
reflects the same values that went into its creation 80 years ago,”
said Leah Dunmore, Vice President, U.S. Soup, Campbell Soup Company.
“Everyone knows there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a
heart-warming, delicious bowl of Chicken Noodle soup.”

The Story Behind the Name

Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle soup has established itself
as part of American culture since its introduction 80 years ago. Here
are a few of the key milestones that have contributed to its rich

  • In 1934, Campbell set the standard by introducing the famed Noodle
    with Chicken soup.
  • In 1938, Campbell changed the name of its Noodle with Chicken soup.
    During a broadcast of a popular radio program, one of the famous
    on-air personalities misread his copy and called the product Chicken
    Noodle soup. Within days of the slip, Campbell began
    receiving large orders for its new product as it began flying off
    store shelves.
  • In 1962, renowned artist Andy Warhol painted the wildly popular 32
    Campbell’s Soup Cans
    , which included Chicken Noodle soup, further
    establishing the brand in pop culture.

To view the evolution of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup,
including past and present labels, advertisements and slogans like “You
only have to call them once when there’s Chicken Noodle soup for
lunch” and “32 feet of noodles in every can” and “When the mouth slurps,
the belly smiles,” visit
To learn more about Campbell’s condensed soup products, visit

Join the celebration and help wish Chicken Noodle soup a happy 80th

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About Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company is a manufacturer and marketer of high-quality
foods and simple meals, including soup and sauces, snacks and healthy
beverages. Founded in 1869, the company has a portfolio of
market-leading brands, including “Campbell’s,” “Pepperidge Farm,”
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Through its corporate social responsibility program, the company strives
to make a positive impact in the workplace, in the marketplace and in
the communities in which it operates. Campbell is a member of the
Standard & Poor’s 500 and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. For more
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