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A Field of Yellow Tomatoes


By Dan Sonke, Director of Sustainable Agriculture


Driving by a tomato farm this time of year in California, you expect to see a harvest underway. It’s a sight to savor–lots of red tomatoes being placed into tractor bins.

But not this time.

Where there is normally red, a sea of yellow is in its place.

This field in Dixon, California is the only one to be planted this year with a yellow tomato variety that we developed several years ago.

Yellow tomatoes are rarely used for processing, with the lines at our Dixon tomato facility normally running red, making tomato ingredients for our soups, sauces and V8 Juices.

The yellow variety we’re using is less acidic, which gives a sweeter flavor–meaning they’re perfect for a fruity salsa.

Normally only harvested every second year, the demand for these yellow beauties was so great that 2018 marks the second year in a row.

This harvest takes just a few days, unlike our red varieties which we pick through the summer months. The yellow tomato paste produced is immediately frozen and will be used in our new Pace Peach Mango and Mango Habanero Salsas.

Fun Fact: We’ve also used yellow tomatoes for a Yellow V8 Juice in Asia!

Try our delicious yellow tomatoes in Pace Peach Mango Jalapeno and Mango Habanero Salsas today!


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