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Getting Real About Where Sustainability is Headed at Campbell


By: Megan Maltenfort, Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility


For the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of working on the sustainability team at Campbell. I was excited to join a purpose-driven organization dedicated to doing right and being real and I’ve been impressed to see that we’re really living into these values.

Our 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report is now live and it tells the stories of how we’re leaning into those values, where we’re at and where we’re heading with our sustainability goals.



As we continue to set new goals to drive transparency and accountability, I’m confident that we will continue to live into our Purpose, Real Food that Matters for Life’s Moments, while setting the standard for transparency. Let’s get real – but what does that mean?

Our transparency journey starts on the farm

Knowing where our ingredients come from and how they’re produced is important. We like to keep it in the family — more than 90% of our tomatoes come from family farms, and one of those farms is run by two cool sisters!



Then, moving along the path of farm-to-fork traceability, we’re transforming our relationships with suppliers through new Responsible Sourcing goals covering traceability of priority raw materials, supplier diversity and human rights. We’re also enforcing stringent animal welfare guidelines to ensure ethical and sustainable practices along our supply chain.

Beyond the farm, we’re focused on the planet and our communities

Have you heard about our solar project at our World Headquarters in Camden, New Jersey? It’s the city’s largest solar array, and will generate the equivalent of 20% of our electricity demand in the town we’ve called home for nearly 150 years!



We’re also removing ozone-depleting refrigerants and cutting food waste, too. It’s all about conserving natural resources and combating climate change to protect the world we all share, for generations to come.

Of course, we’re also transparent in how we talk to and engage with our employees, our consumers, our customers, and our hometown communities. In Fiscal Year 2017 alone, we donated more than $61 million worldwide in direct and in-kind giving, delivered more than 15 billion servings of vegetables to the global marketplace, and began building innovative product-level transparency for our consumers.



These are just a few of the transparency milestones we’re proud to share along our evolving corporate responsibility journey. We encourage you to dive into our 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report to learn more about where we’re headed!



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