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Making recycling easier


A critical way we reduce our environmental footprint is by creating packaging that makes it easier to understand how and what to recycle. This keeps recyclable packaging out of landfills, and keeps recycled material clean and ready to use.

How2Recycle on-package labels

To make recycling easier, one of our partners, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) launched a project in 2008 to see if there was a way to help make recycling simple and guess-free. The result was the first How2Recycle label, a label you may recognize from the packaging of your favorite soups, sauces, and snacks.

How2Recycle label on V8

The How2Recycle on-package label clearly communicates recycling instructions and helps you figure out how to find recycling information specific to where you live.

Expanding How2Recycle within our brands

We first launched the How2Recycle labels in 2017, and have since expanded the on-package labels to these additional brands:

This year, we continue to review all our packaging to identify additional opportunities across our brands to use the How2Recycle labels, and have a goal to include the labels on 100% of our packaging by 2022.


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