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Dusty Lane Farm potato fields

Staying close to our roots: Learn about our local NJ and PA farmers 


We’ve long understood the important role farmers play in our business. Former Campbell’s President and inventor of condensed soup, John T. Dorrance, even lived on a research farm in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, where he hosted annual meetings for farmers to discuss growing techniques. 

Today, we still maintain relationships with farmers near our headquarters in Camden, New Jersey, some of whom have been growing for us for decades.  

Meet a few of the farmers who grow for us today!  

Ronny Abrams shows off his potato and carrot crops at Homestead Farms.

Ronny Abrams: Growing for Campbell’s for 100 years

Ronny Abrams owns and operates Homestead Farms in Shamong, New Jersey, which has been in his family for over 100 years. The farm has been supplying us with produce for nearly as long—his grandfather used to bring tomatoes to Camden via cart and buggy! Today, Ronny still grows potatoes and carrots for us.

Potato Chips

100 +

acres of potatoes were grown at Homestead Farms and sent to our bakery in Hanover, PA to be made into chips in 2023.



acres of carrots were grown at Homestead Farms and sent to our plant in Maxton, NC for soups in 2023.

Ronny incorporates several sustainable practices into his operations, including planting cover crops and minimizing soil disturbance to protect his fields from erosion.

Farmer Mike Brooks explains the harvesting process on one of his potato fields.

Mike Brooks: From potato to chip in 24 hours!

Mike Brooks owns and operates Dusty Lane Farms in Elmer, New Jersey and grows potatoes for many of our snacks.

Mike’s potatoes are harvested and driven to his nearby facility where they are cleaned, inspected, and loaded onto a truck. Last year, many of the potatoes went directly to our bakery in Hanover, Pennsylvania where they were made into chips in less than 24 hours!

Dusty Lane Farms also has adopted sustainable technology to make sure they grow a healthy crop. For example, Mike uses soil moisture sensors to ensure his potatoes get the proper amount of water each day and that he’s using water efficiently.

A few of the Jones brothers and employees on a wheat field with our snacks.  

The Jones Brothers: Family farming since 1979

Jones Harvesting is a family-owned business that is now run by six brothers: Darryl, Keith, Wayne, Joshua, Jerry, and Travis. The family has been farming since 1979.

In addition to operating several dairy and cattle farms, they grow wheat on about 2,500 acres of land from Pennsylvania all the way down into Maryland and Virginia. Jones Harvesting grows wheat in our supply shed and participates in the Campbell’s-Ardent Mills wheat sustainability program.

Jones Harvesting also has a long history of environmental stewardship. For example, they use any leftover crop to feed their cattle, whose manure then helps to fertilize the fields and power part of their operations.

John Coombs talks to James Lowell, a potato buyer on our procurement team.

John Coombs: 8 generations of farming in New Jersey

John Coombs of Coombs Sod Farm is an 8th generation New Jersey farmer who has been supplying us with ingredients since the 1940s. In addition to growing sod, he also grows potatoes to help achieve sustainable and diverse crop rotations. In fact, last year he harvested about 5 million pounds of potatoes for us!

Potatoes harvested at Coombs Farm are loaded onto a truck headed to our plant in Hyannis so they can become Cape Cod chips!

After the potatoes are harvested, they are inspected and cleaned. Last year his crop headed directly to our facilities in Hyannis, Massachusetts and Hanover, Pennsylvania to be made into chips, and some even went to our plant in Maxton, North Carolina to be made into soup.

These farmers are stewards of the ingredients that make our soups and snacks so delicious. And we’re proud to call them neighbors too!

Meet other farmers and suppliers:


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