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Sustainable solutions: Find & Fix utility leak program


The familiar adage “If you see something, say something” has been given new life in our plants this year with the launch of our Find & Fix utility leak program.

At large manufacturing facilities, leaks happen. The Find & Fix program enhances our regular maintenance efforts by empowering all employees to identify leaks with green tags. Often leaks of steam, compressed air, and water can be seen, heard, or felt coming from machinery.

The impact

While small leaks may not seem like a big deal, repairing them can result in significant cost, energy, and water savings that will help us to achieve our sustainability goals. For example, we project to save $50,0000 annually from fixing leaks found at our bakery in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

An example of a tagged piece of equipment. Teams have also created digital forms so maintenance has photos of impacted equipment and can more easily find leaks in the plant.

How leak tagging works

Each plant has stations where employees can find tags and supplies to fill out basic information like type of leak, location, and date. Once tagged, they tear off the bottom portion to hand in to our maintenance team so that they have all the necessary information to make repairs.

Find & Fix Leak Blitz events

To kick off the program, some sites hosted Leak Blitzes where a group of employees from different departments came together to walk the plant floor in search of leaks.

The team in Paris, Texas pictured at a leak event. Fixing what they found is projected to save thousands of gallons of water. 
The leak event at our plant in Goodyear, Arizona resulted in over 100 identified leaks.

“The little things are big things.”

Trina Ellis, Garlic Toast Production Worker, Downingtown, PA
Trina Ellis, who normally works on our garlic toast production line, participated in a leak event at our bakery in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

The results show the impact fixing these small leaks can have in making our supply chain more efficient and sustainable.

Want to learn more? Check out our Hanover team in action:


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