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Earth Week Series: Turning food waste into garden gold with composting


By: Melissa Donnelly, Manager Sustainability Integration and Metrics  



If you’ve seen my past blog posts, you know I’m no stranger to recycling and sustainable living, but when it comes to food waste I have a soft spot. I’m sure many of you have heard of composting, but like me, you may not know how (or where) to do it.


A great and easy way to recycle food scraps and waste is to compost it. We invited Farmer Jon Compton from the Center for Environmental Transformation to our World Headquarters in Camden, NJ today to teach employees how to compost at home.



Here at our world headquarters, we take food waste seriously and composting is a part of that. The food waste produced in the cafeteria is collected and sent to a third party vendor to compost. Employees use reusable plastic containers that Campbell purchases for our cafeteria.


Compost at home? Show us on social media and tag it with #CampbellEarthWeek! We’ll re-share the best pics.


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