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Invoicing & Payments

We’re committed to making payments accurately and efficiently. Take a look at our invoicing guidelines and payment terms to help ensure your payments are processed as quickly as possible.

Invoicing with Ariba

When we send you an electronic PO through Ariba, you can “flip” that PO into an invoice and submit it to us. If we send the PO through Ariba and you submit an invoice outside Ariba, it will be rejected.

Check your Ariba Account to make sure it’s configured and up-to-date. Pay attention to:

  • Purchase Order and invoice routing settings: Under “Network Settings,” check the Electronic Order Routing and Electronic Invoice Routing settings. 
  • Notifications: Under “Network Settings,” check “Network Notifications” to make sure they’re enabled.

The Ariba Network Invoice Guide has more information about invoicing through Ariba.

Non-Ariba invoices

If we send the PO through another system (i.e. SAP), email your invoices to [email protected].

Invoices need to meet the following requirements:

  • PDF or TIF format with only one invoice per file
  • Reference to PO # included (Invoices that do not reference a PO number will be rejected) 

The email address above will not reply to invoice questions. If you have questions, contact:

Payment terms

Unless otherwise specified on the approved PO, our standard payment terms are 120 days from the later date of either:

  • Receipt of satisfactory goods/services, or
  • Receipt of an accurate invoice

Any exceptions to this policy must be agreed to by a procurement representative. To learn more about the accelerated payment options, reach out to [email protected].

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