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Using Ariba

We use a system called Ariba to manage our supplier partnerships, purchase orders (POs), invoicing, and payments.

Benefits of Ariba

We require all of our suppliers to register with Ariba. There are several benefits for you:

  • Create electronic invoices 
  • Track invoice status 
  • Communicate directly with Campbell 
  • Reduce paper processing 

Getting started with Ariba

If you need help with the registration process, contact Ariba Supplier Support by logging into your account and clicking the “?” in the top right-hand corner.

Using Ariba

Once you’re registered with Ariba, we can send you electronic POs and you can create and send electronic invoices. In some cases, we may also send you POs from other ordering systems. You can only invoice us through Ariba if we issued the original PO through Ariba. 

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