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Feeding hungry kids in our hometown communities


More children than ever are hungry. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are focusing on increased safety measures and new ways to get food to kids, which creates a need for more funds and new expertise. With this critical need in mind, we recently granted funding to two national organizations that will support schools in 10 of our hometowns as they adapt their delivery of healthy meals.

GENYOUth’s COVID-19 Emergency School Meal Delivery Fund

We provided a grant to support GENYOUth’s COVID-19 Emergency School Meal Delivery Fund. GENYOUth provides microgrants to schools to reduce the burden of unanticipated costs needed to serve meals outside the traditional school meal environment.

“Campbell’s generous donation to GENYOUth’s COVID-19 Emergency School Meal Delivery Fund is a critical step in on our ongoing fight against student hunger and for ensuring that every child has access to the nutrition they need,” said Alexis Glick, CEO of GENYOUth.

The microgrants will be given to 42 schools in our hometowns of:

children with food

Students receive meals outside the traditional school environment, provided by a grant from GENYOUth’s COVID-19 Emergency School Meal Delivery Fund

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

For 15 years, Alliance for a Healthier Generation (Healthier Generation) has been a critical resource for schools and youth-serving organizations. The grant to Healthier Generation will help support child nutrition programs in four school districts in our hometowns throughout the school year:

“The events of 2020 have hit students and families hard, especially when it comes to access to food,” said Kathy Higgins, CEO at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. “Our partnership with the Campbell Soup Foundation will ensure that schools and districts have what they need to expand and improve food access for the children and families that rely on them.”

The grant will give Healthier Generation the ability to reach more schools to help manage complex programs like summer feeding programs, universal free meals and school-based food pantries.

smiling girl

Student enjoys a healthy lunch at an elementary school in the Bronx, New York

Giving back to our community is core to who we are as a company. Learn more about the support we give to local organizations in communities throughout North America where our employees live and work, and our grant application process and guidelines.

Header image courtesy of Alliance for Healthier Generation.



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