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Honoring Our Administrative Professionals

Inclusion & Diversity

Campbell’s Administrative Professionals (CAPs) is our employee resource group that connects our administrative professionals. The group strives to improve communication and teamwork by creating a community of mentors at Campbell. 

Learn how we’ve been recognizing and celebrating Administrative Professionals across our company:

Ambassadors of Excellence Awards

Each year, our Ambassadors of Excellence Awards highlight Administrative Professionals who play an integral role on their teams, invest beyond their core roles in our organization and in their communities, and support the delivery of our results. ​

“As a group, we want to act as ‘Ambassadors of Excellence’ to help drive positive change within the company and our communities. This award is given to those who are living into that.”

– Tina Fellenbaum, Executive Assistant, Legal and CAPs Lead

Since its creation in 2007, the award has been given to 38 employees. Here’s more on this year’s winners and why they were chosen, as described by their teams:

Stacy Brown, Executive Assistant, M&B Sales

Stacy leads with a “Team Before Me” mentality and is a true team player. She takes pride in her work and goes the extra mile to make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Stacy volunteered to personally pack and ship nearly 300 boxes to National Sales Meeting attendees, despite the meeting being cancelled due to COVID.

Doreen Ciaccio, Administrative Assistant, Bloomfield Plant

Doreen is the “glue” for the Bloomfield plant leadership team. She cares passionately for people on her team and the community. Doreen serves as the face of Campbell for community service events and leads planning for events such as the Special Olympics, Toys for Tots and backpack drives for kids.

Sandy Hassler, Senior Administrative Assistant, Litigation Group

Sandy contributes every day by understanding the big picture. She embraces new responsibilities to help the team thrive together. Sandy not only consistently fulfills all of her normal responsibilities but also steps up to volunteer for additional projects. She took on significant extra work during the pandemic to help manage critical communications for Government Affairs and created a new database to manage vendor and supplier letters.

Kelly Anne Hinton, Executive Assistant, Human Resources

Described as “the heart” of her team, Kelly Anne serves as a trusted adviser who coaches others and is a critical onboarding resource for new members of the team. She energizes her team with activities to stay connected and recently led the creation of a Talent Management cookbook.

CAPs Social Justice Fund

CAPs recently created a social justice fund for organizations to support mothers and children in need. In celebration of Administrative Professionals Day, all employee donations to this fund will be matched 100% by the Campbell Soup Foundation throughout April.

Learn about the organizations the fund supports:

OurBRIDGE for Kids

Located in our Campbell Snacks community of Charlotte, North Carolina, OurBRIDGE for Kids supports children of immigrant and refugee families, helping children achieve academic success and families become part of the community while feeling proud of their background.

“The founder of OurBRIDGE began as an administrative assistant herself, which makes our support for this organization that much more personal to me. The work they’re doing for refugee and immigrant children is remarkable, and I love how they’re helping families get on their feet while also encouraging kids to be kids.”

– Sandy Goldbeck, Executive Assistant, Marketing, Campbell Snacks and CAPs Lead

Kids in Crisis

Kids in Crisis works to ensure the well-being of children through vital 24-hour services. They offer an emergency shelter program for children, onsite school and community-based crisis prevention and counseling programs in local communities, and advocacy for children and families.

“Kids in Crisis helps improve the lives of children in Connecticut, including the Norwalk community where I work for Campbell Snacks. I love knowing that this fund is supporting an organization that’s making an impact right in my own neighborhood.”

– Serafina Duncan, Executive Assistant, Sales, Campbell Snacks and CAPs Lead

National Congress of Parents and Teachers

On a mission to make every child’s potential a reality, National Congress of Parents and Teachers engages and empowers families and communities to advocate for children.

“National Congress of Parents and Teachers’ values align so closely to the values of CAPs, especially their dedication to collaboration, diversity, respect, and accountability.”

– Kellyanne DePre, Executive Assistant, Corporate Finance and CAPs Lead

Lauren Rose Albert Foundation

The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation is an all-volunteer charitable organization that provides financial assistance and resources to help mothers achieve their educational and economic goals.

“Many members of CAPs are working mothers—including myself—so by supporting The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation, we’re able to give back to a community of full-time, working moms who are overcoming challenges to follow their dreams and achieve success, while balancing often disproportionate childcare and household responsibilities at home.”

– Elizabeth Duggan, SVP, Transformation Office and Campbell Leadership Team Advisor for CAPs

The CAPs Social Justice Fund is our fifth social justice fund to launch. It is part of our Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Strategy, to strengthen our ally networks and the communities where we live and work. To date, other funds include our Women of Campbell Social Justice FundBlack Resource Group Social Justice FundLatino Network Social Justice Fund, and our Veterans Connection Fund.

Community Inclusion & Diversity

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