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shenika douglas at maxton plant

People of Campbell: Shenika Douglas

Life at Campbell’s

Most of us find it challenging enough to keep track of what’s in our own kitchen pantries, imagine having to do so for a pantry that makes food for millions of people. That’s what Shenika Douglas does! As a Raw Material Control Analyst at our plant in Maxton, North Carolina, she ensures we have the ingredients and materials needed to make our food—like Campbell’s soups and Swanson broths!

When Shenika was a kid, Sundays were spent around the table with her family. She thought the food was the main reason for the gatherings, only later realizing it was really about spending time together. Knowing that she plays a part in connecting so many people through food at their own family meals is what makes Shenika even prouder to work at Campbell.

Meet Shenika and learn about her role making sure we have quality ingredients:

Life at Campbell’s

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