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On top of marble counter: Soup, Goldfish, Tomatoes, Pretzels, Wheat, Photos of family eating, Campbell employees planting

12 fun facts from our 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report


Making a positive impact is as fundamental to Campbell as Campbell’s Tomato Soup and Goldfish crackers. Check out our favorite facts from our 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report:

  1. All Pepperidge Farm signature paper bags are now recyclable. Get rid of any lingering crumbs in your Goldfish and Milano bags and then put that bag in your recycling bin.
Mega Bites Recyclable Bags
Recyclable Pepperidge Farm signature bags
  1. $54.2 million in food and funds donated in fiscal 2021—it’s a number we’re incredibly proud of because caring is core to who we are.
  2. We achieved our goal to increase spending with diverse suppliers—two years ahead of schedule! It’s just one part of our actionable Inclusion & Diversion strategy that we announced in 2020.
  3. A flour mill is so close to our Goldfish bakery that we use a tube to transport the flour! Star of the West flour mill is next door to our Willard, Ohio bakery—where we make over 50 million Goldfish crackers every day. By eliminating the trucks needed to transport flour, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Flour mill to Campbell Bakery
Star of the West flour mill next to our bakery in Willard, Ohio
  1. Participation in our employee giving program was 44% higher in fiscal 2021. Every employee gets up to $1,500 in matching funds for any nonprofits they choose to support—financially or through volunteer hours. That’s because we want our employees to be able to support organizations that are important to them.
  2. We delivered 9.8 billion servings of veggies to the marketplace in fiscal 2021. Our nutrition team knows that special meal plans or feeding your family wholesome meals can get expensive. One thing we’ve always been proud of: making food that is accessible and nutritious.
  3. We have made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it is in line with the Paris Agreement goals. Our science-based targets (more on what that means here) were just approved by the organization responsible for defining and promoting best practices in emissions reductions. We know businesses have a role to play in combating climate change, and we’re committed to doing our part.
  4. Vegetarian chick’n noodle soup now exists! Seriously, you have to try Campbell’s Well Yes! Plant-Based Chick’n Noodle Soup. In part, it’s thanks to Hye Won Yeom on our Research & Development team. She purchased a microscope to use at home during the pandemic to test different plant proteins.
Well Yes Plant Based Chickn Soups
Our Well Yes! vegetarian chick’n soups
  1. 108K acres of wheat are included in our sustainability program. The wheat program now covers sourcing areas for all three of our bakeries where we make Goldfish crackers and Pepperidge Farm cookies, including Farmhouse and Milano.
  2. Full Futures, our five-year, $5 million commitment to supporting school nutrition is our new, signature community program. Schools play a vital role in providing daily nutrition to children and the Full Futures program is a partnership with the goal of developing a scalable model that can be expanded to other communities.
  3. The Canada team goes carbon positive: Our Canadian office took it beyond carbon neutral, contributing to the generation of clean energy through the purchase of carbon credits. The credits, which go towards the Toronto District School Board’s energy project, offset double the office’s emissions for fiscal 2020, 2021, and projected 2022.
  4. 9% of our electricity comes from renewable sources, including 5 solar installations located on our sites. One of the installations is a 26-acre solar field in Hanover, Pennsylvania—near the home of our Snyder’s of Hanover bakery.

Need more sustainability facts?

Check out our 2022 Corporate Responsibility report and learn more about our commitment to having a positive impact on the communities we call home and the planet we share.


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