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Our impact: Delivering on the promise of our purpose


At Campbell, our purpose is connecting people through food they love. This purpose is what brings us together and is at the heart of everything we do as a company. It shapes our relationships, our food, and the positive impact we aim to have on the world.

Advancing our corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives

To deliver on the promise of this purpose, we’re taking a more holistic approach to corporate responsibility. We have prioritized environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas that are important to our company and our stakeholders. These are areas where we believe we can make a measurable impact. We’ve organized this focus into four key pillars–trusted food, vibrant communities, thriving people, and a healthy environment–and our governance and ethics practices support it all.

Let’s explore what these four pillars mean:

Trusted Food

Food that people love is food they can trust. It’s food that is delicious, nutritious, and accessible–food that people rely on and feel good about eating. These are the principles on which our company was founded, and they continue to guide us today. The best food, at the best price, for the most people.

Vibrant Communities

Food that people love supports vibrant communities. That’s why we strive to leave a legacy of impact in the communities where we live, work and source our ingredients.

Thriving People

Food that people love comes from a company where all employees can be real, and feel safe, valued, and supported to do their best work. That’s why we’re focused on building a winning team and culture that fosters an inclusive and diverse workplace where all employees are empowered to thrive. 

Healthy Environment

Food that people love helps support a healthy environment. That’s why we’re working to create a sustainable future for generations to come. As a food company, we can make a meaningful impact in many ways. We intend to make all our packaging recyclable. We are also reducing food waste and working with suppliers on more sustainable agricultural practices that nurture the land and improve soil health.

Leveraging our more holistic approach

While many of these areas have been a priority for us for some time, we’re excited to share our new, more holistic approach.  It enables us to be more strategic by creating multi-year action plans for each focus area with internal experts across the company so that the work is embedded right where it belongs. We will be using this framework for corporate reporting–you’ll see it reflected in our 2022 Corporate Responsibility report–and have just launched a new section on our site to share more about our impact.

ESG framework

Ultimately, we strive to build a resilient food system, making food that improves the world we share, for generations to come. We do this through our commitments to trusted food, vibrant communities, thriving people, and a healthy planet. We look forward to sharing our progress as this journey continues.

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We strive to build a resilient food system through our commitments to trusted food, vibrant communities, thriving people, and a healthy planet.

Community Sustainability
Megan Maltenfort headshot

Megan Maltenfort

Director, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Megan Maltenfort is the Director of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability at Campbell Soup Company. In this role, Megan is responsible for communicating the company’s CR vision, strategy, and progress to internal and external audiences. Megan also manages Campbell’s engagement with key stakeholders on topics related to environmental and social responsibility to promote mutual understanding and collaboration. Additionally, Megan provides subject matter expertise to Campbell’s evolving corporate CR strategy to support the development of company-wide programs and goals that are embedded throughout the organization. Megan received a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts in Science, Technology, and Society from Vassar College.

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