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Introducing Full Futures: A School Nutrition Partnership


We’re proud to launch Full Futures, a program to advance school nutrition for our kids. We’re kicking it off in our hometown of Camden, New Jersey in partnership with the Camden City School District and many other organizations. Over the next five years, we plan to invest $5 million. Working closely with our partners, our goal is to ensure that all students are well-nourished and ready to thrive at school and in life.

Our focus on school nutrition builds on our 10-year Healthy Communities program. Through that program, and years of investment in food access, we have built a foundation of knowledge to inform this new work—and engaged with expert partners leading school nutrition in the community.

Teaching students how to cook
Wellness in the Schools chefs teach students at the Dr. Henry H. Davis Family School how to make pico de gallo

To foster a school nutrition environment, we’re collectively looking at the entire system including food service infrastructure, nutrition education, and expanding school meal programs. Together, with non-profit, public sector, and corporate partners, we’ll leverage our combined expertise to help students reach their full potential—and create a scalable, replicable model for other school districts and communities to adopt.

The school nutrition environment

Schools play a vital role in providing daily nutrition to children.


42 %

of high performing students ate breakfast 7 days per week, compared to 20% of lower performing students.

daily calories

35 %

or more of U.S. children’s daily calories are consumed at school.

As a food company with a deep commitment to our community and a strong network of partners with expertise in this area, we believe we can make a meaningful impact on advancing the school nutrition environment. By focusing on the entire environment, we’re thinking beyond school lunches and taking a holistic approach as we work to increase access to nutrition for children year-round.

We believe the Full Futures partnership will provide students the opportunity to not only succeed in school but help them reach their full potential.

Mark Clouse, CEO, Campbell Soup Company

Here’s how we’ll approach school nutrition

To ensure children can thrive, we’ll work with our partners to focus on:

Building the school nutrition mindset

Making access to nutritious school food a top priority for the school district, embraced through district-wide wellness policies and expanded school meal programs that provide food for students 365 days a year.

Strategies include:

Improving food service infrastructure

Ensuring food service staff and other key stakeholders have the equipment, training, and resources needed to execute successful and nutritious school meal programs.

Strategies include:

Providing nutrition education

Expanding the reach and impact of nutrition and culinary education in a variety of school settings and audiences to support nutritious food choices at school, as well as awareness and interest in nutritious food.

Strategies include:

Enhancing procurement and implementing menu change

Supporting districts in getting nutritious, locally sourced ingredients and supporting menus that are student centered and culturally inclusive.

Strategies include:
Student holding apple
Students sample fresh produce at a taste test hosted by the Food Bank of South Jersey and Wellness in the Schools as part of Full Futures.

Meet our partners

A key lesson from our 10-year Healthy Communities program was the importance working collaboratively with expert partners. When we set out to develop Full Futures, we knew creating a collective impact partnership with organizations across public, private, and non-profit sectors would be essential to our success.

Meet our partner organizations and learn how they’re supporting Full Futures:

What’s next

With the launch of the 2021 school year, the Full Futures program has officially begun in our pilot location, Camden, New Jersey, and we look forward to expanding the program to additional Campbell communities in the future.

Our goal is to establish a scalable, replicable model for other districts, funders, and nonprofits to adopt.

Follow along on our Twitter and Instagram pages or by using the hashtag #FullFutures.

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