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the 5cs of campbell: collaboration

The 5 Cs of Campbell: Collaboration

Life at Campbell’s

Collaboration is critical to Campbell because we believe inclusive and diverse teams build trust and lead to better results.

Hear from members of the Campbell Leadership Team on what collaboration, one of our five values, means to them:

Creating inclusive teams

We believe an inclusive team is one where everyone’s voice can be heard and all members have a sense of belonging—feeling respected, valued, and seen for who they are as individuals. We want to ensure we’re supporting one another and providing the space for everyone to share their perspectives.

One way we’re growing these capabilities is through development programs for our managers, to give them tools to think more inclusively.

“Creating a sense of belonging helps to build inclusive teams. When our employees can bring their authentic selves to work, we can foster a workplace where all employees feel empowered to thrive.”

Daphne Banks, Director, Inclusion & Diversity

Creating diverse teams

Collaboration happens when you seek different perspectives and bring them together. By making sure multiple viewpoints are represented, we gain a 360-degree view and can better determine the best course of action.

“When working on innovation, I work with our chefs to create new products with direct consumer input. Once we receive consumer feedback, I collaborate with a team of nutritionists, marketers, and engineers to bring the idea to life. Seeking these different perspectives helps us make the best food we can.”

Britney Atkinson, Senior Research Scientist

Building trust

When we have inclusive and diverse teams, everyone feels they can contribute their ideas. We can understand and value one another’s perspectives and trust that decisions have been made with input from the right stakeholders. Regardless of the decision, we also know that we’ll work together as a team to execute.

Delivering better results

When team members’ roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and our people are armed with the right mix of skills and information, they can collaborate more effectively, make good decisions, and create winning ideas.

A recent study shows how diverse teams are better positioned to unlock innovation that drives growth. Companies with above-average diversity produced a greater proportion of revenue from innovation—which then resulted in better overall financial performance.

“Collaboration requires a common language, transparency of objectives, and embracing different points of view.  Done well, collaboration drives better results.”

Rebecca Gardy, Vice President, Investor Relations

The 5 Cs of Campbell reflect the best of who we are and who we aspire to be. Living our values creates the inclusive, high-performance culture that will help us to unlock our full growth potential.

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