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the 5cs of campbell: creativity

The 5 Cs of Campbell: Creativity

Life at Campbell’s

When John T. Dorrance invented the first can of condensed soup in 1897, a long tradition of innovation was born. Today, our value of creativity remains essential to who we are and how we reach our full growth potential. Creativity means we innovate and find solutions to continuously improve.

Hear from members of our team on what our value of creativity means to them:

Innovation at Campbell

Creating new products for our consumers to enjoy is at the center of our innovation, and that’s what drives us to make food people love. Our creativity extends beyond our food. For example, it includes package design, marketing campaigns, and how we work together.

Creativity is the heart and soul of innovation. It is infused into everything my team and I do. We listen to what people want and work to create flavors or design packaging they never thought possible.

– Lisa Tretter, Senior Manager, Front of Funnel Innovation

Finding ways to continuously improve

We’re always seeking new ways to improve our processes and be more effective and efficient. From seeking an alternative to a hard-to-find ingredient to running tests in our plants to finding new ways to attract talent, we have limitless ways to raise the bar each day.

We start with a game plan, but there’s always a curve ball. There’s usually a point where you have to dive in and get creative to find solutions to get things done. And that’s always been our mentality at Campbell.

Jim Schunder, Project Manager  

Latest innovations

Be sure to check out our newest additions, like Campbell’s Chunky Old Bay Seasoned Clam Chowder, Old Bay Goldfish, and Goldfish Mega Bites!

Creativity is shared across the enterprise—from our front-line teams who run trials and offer ideas to make things run better to the marketers who develop campaigns—everyone at Campbell shows that creativity.

– Frank Rapacki, Director, R&D

The 5 Cs of Campbell reflect the best of who we are and who we aspire to be. Living our values creates the inclusive, high-performance culture we need to unlock our full growth potential.

Life at Campbell’s

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