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10 food and nutrition facts that make us proud


At Campbell, we are proud of our commitment to fill pantries in millions of homes with delicious, affordable snacks and meal solutions. Here we share a few of our food and nutrition facts people may not know:

  1. We value long-standing relationships with our farmers—decades and decades! We’ve worked with our tomato farmers for an average of 30 years—and some for as long as 70 years. We also source potatoes from Tom Torkelson, of Torkelson Brothers farm in  Grafton, North Dakota. Our first truckloads of potatoes came from the farm in the 1980’s—over 40 years ago! Now, we use their potatoes for our crunchy and delicious Kettle Brand chips.
  2. We used 8 billion tomatoes in fiscal 2022 and processed them within hours of harvest. Many of the family-owned farms that supply our tomatoes are located within a few miles of our plants in California and have been partners for decades. Our tomatoes are used to make some of your favorite soups, sauces, and salsas to enjoy all year.
  1. We sell over 8 billion servings of veggies every year. Many of our products make it easier for people to add more vegetables to their diet and enjoy them, too! Products like V8 100% vegetable juice, Campbell’s Condensed Tomato soup, Prego Italian sauce, and others make eating veggies more convenient.
  2. We sell over 3 billion servings of whole grains every year. Adding more whole grains to your day can be simple and delicious. At meals, make an easy swap—choose a whole grain cereal at breakfast, whole wheat bread at lunch, brown rice with dinner and enjoy snacks made with whole grains. Just one change can make a big difference. For example, our Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Multi-Seed bread provides 38g of whole grains in 2 slices—that is over 75% of the recommended amount for the day in one sandwich!
  3. We’re committed to providing nutritious, accessible, and affordable food options. Nutritious snacks and meals should be both delicious and affordable. In fiscal 2022, a serving of our nutrition-focused foods cost an average of $0.58 compared to the average cost of $0.65 a serving for our entire portfolio, just another way we work to promote nutrition and wellness.
  4. We offer flavor-packed vegetarian soups. We have many soup options that fit into a plant-forward eating style. Enjoy options like Campbell’s Well Yes! POWER Soup Bowl Spiced Chickpea with Spinach and Quinoa and Campbell’s Well Yes! Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Sipping Soup. See how simple it can be to eat a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet with our meal plan.
  5. V8The Original Plant-Powered Drink. William Gilbert Peacock brought delicious and affordable vegetable nutrition to market during The Great Depression. He and his son sought to make sure that everyone was able to have the benefits of vegetables in their diet–and V8 was born!
    1. Pacific Foods offers a variety of plant-based milks. There is something for everyone! Our plant-based milks include options made from coconut, almond, soy, oat, hemp, or cashew. Try oat milk in your coffee, cashew milk in recipes like this Chickpea and Spinach Curry, or a glass of hemp milk for an excellent source of the essential fatty acid, omega-3 ALA (alpha-linolenic acid).

    Chickpea and Spinach Curry

    Creamy Lemon Chicken Recipe
    Creamy Lemon Chicken

    Kettle brand air fried potato chips

    We’re proud of the food and beverages we make for people to enjoy. That’s why we wanted to highlight the positive nutrition our products provide, our long-standing relationships with farmers, and exciting innovation that can help people meet their wellness goals.

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